Windows 10 Free Upgrade is ALMOST OVER

Still considering upgrading to windows 10? According to the microsoft website you better hurry up as the FREE UPGRADE  is ONLY UNTIL July 29th 2016. Need help or don’t want to do it yourself? Don’t be afraid to Contact Us for Help! The process is very easy however there are …

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Microsoft getting closer to Holograms?

    As you may have seen during the superbowl this is microsoft’s latest advancements, when will this become a reality?     want to see more?      

Streaming Video

With a large selection of new ways to accomplish this, maybe its time to redo your setup!

Want to Backup your ENTIRE picture library

Anybody who has an Android knows all about Google ( Google Photo’s, Google Maps, GMail, Google Drive ) . Google is yet again helping to make our life simpler. Google Desktop Uploader can sync your entire picture library to the cloud for safe keeping, easier accessibility and as a bonus …

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Worried about all the info on your phone?

Some people are worried that Google is NOT GETTING THE JOB DONE! Well who wouldn’t want extra peace of mind?  YesBackup is now offering android users an exclusive offer – secure, automated online backups for only $1, that’s right set it up and know it’s safe for only $1 Click on …

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What happened to my Solitaire

Did you upgrade from Windows 7 to Windows 10 and now notice all your games are missing? With the introduction of the Store in the newer versions of windows they have taken the games out of the installation and given you a way to install all types of games via …

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